2011 hyundai sonata se review

Read the full 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE … Required installation of new antenna at significant cost. I have exclusively been a Honda Accord guy since 1990, and very satisfied with their product. Several months later when I was on a trip it began much worse and steering wheel felt loose and I had to get repairs at another dealer since I was afraid to drive it", "steering made loud clicking noise, dealer replaced a rubber boot as part of a recall", "The rack and pinion was bad on my Sonata which is apparently uncommon for the mileage on it. It’s the best example of how a good-looking product at a competitive price can lure customers — even with just one available powertrain: a four-cylinder engine wrapped in a package built for passenger comfort and fuel efficiency. Returned and the brakes made lots of noise. by HYUNDAIBELIVER ", "My car was at the dealership 1 week waiting for the part to come from California. ", "The mechanism which shuts off the overhead interior lights was damaged because the seatbelt kept failing to retract and would get slammed by the door into the light mechanism and damaging it. Switches replaced under warranty but issue remained", "Works intermittently; sometimes it will not turn on", "Rear tail light melted the housing, and the socket does not want to stay mounted. ", "Low pressure pump quit. We analyze hundreds of thousands of used cars daily. Review: 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE. from Jackson, WI The 2011 Hyundai Sonata comes in 6 configurations costing $19,395 to $27,245. Expensive, but necessary, to replace", "Compressor stopped working. ", "Warning light stays on, fixed twice, still on", "Had to replace all 4 TPM. The problem hasn't been resolved as yet. Robert L., SC (2011 Hyundai Sonata SE 2.0-L 4 Cyl turbo) "A loud clunk when going over bumps - apparently there was some problem with the linkage between the … I was informed not part of the warranty and wasn't due the starter issue (car dying and being jumped). I was confused initially about how the ECO mode works. It took two (2) weeks to get new Ignition Lock Keyway Switch, replace Starter and cable, and inspect for additional electrical melting and damage. Was repaired under a service call. Moon roof seal squeaks due to body flex. Not certain is was a recall but was repaired under the warranty", "too much steering wheel play. Most times it's just a white screen and you can't see anything", "It had a lot of image issues, humid out, static issues, then when the starter died, the car was "jumped" the camera never worked again. ", "Routine check found worn brakes. Replaced by dealer for no cost. It does worry me from time to time. Our judgment of how comfortable the rear seat is for two passengers to sit across. (274 hp), 2.4-liter See pricing for the Used 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE Sedan 4D. Also, the interior is … The system simply failed to function. Linkage has been replaced once and car has been continually realigned but problem persists", "Odd vibration while turning wheel. ", "Would not communicate with transmission", "Engine has had a ping during acceleration, especially while going up hill. There was a class action suit filed against Hyundai to repair this problem, so the car has been in to have that fixed. Problem comes back. Both CV joints were replaced by the dealer under the 10 yr. 100000 mile warranty at no cost to me", "CV joint was making a grinding noise. Find out why the 2011 Hyundai Sonata is rated 8.6 by The Car Connection experts. Like I said the problem may not occurr for months and then show up one or two times. Rest of sound system still works fine including Bluetooth. Works better but still not perfect". I took it to a Hyundai dealership and they fixed it free of charge. My previous car wasa Toyota camry and I didn't need brakes for a longer period of ownership", "excessive wear for only having 54000 miles. Bought as certified used car, it should have been fixed. Diagnostics fee to be charged if they could not find the problem. I know two other people who have the same vehicle with the same part. Under warranty, everything repaired and clutch replaced, cost nothing", "When cold outside < 32 degrees the trans. I now request both when due at 5000 miles. The next day the rods broke in the engine. Took three days to get a new one in. Loose steering and clunking noise. I've been really pleased with te build quality and reliabilty of this car. Both failures NOT covered by Hyundais 10yr/10000M warranty. ", "Took it in for a recall and the dealer talked me into state inspection. On a couple longer trips we averaged 40-41 miles a gallon. Pretty much all Taxi cabs in Korea are a Sonata or another Hyundai product. The Reliability score is based on our latest subscriber survey The Sonata's swoopy, coupe-like styling comes with tolerable rear-seat room and visibility. Gear selector or linkage, leaks, transmission computer, transmission sensor or solenoid, clutch adjustment, rough shifting, slipping transmission. on Sun Jul 31 2011. Not very good reliability in my opinion". ", "A spring broke and needed to be replaced, so both sides were done. dealer was unheldful in fixing issue", "Steering has always been a bit loose. Vehicle had to be towed 180 miles as I was far from home", "i took my car in for an oil change before the engine died when i got home , later i saw a huge puddle of oil under my car, the dealership denied doing anything wrong but it did burn up the turbo charger", "CEL came on, then noticed that turbocharger was no longer engaging. ", "Intermittent problems with my cruse control, several times I could not set the speed control. Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid? The reliability charts are based on responses on hundreds of thousands of vehicles from our latest Annual Auto Survey. When I picked up my car, the Synthetic oil jug was gone, and I thought everything was normal. When I came out, my car wouldn't start. I loved the Sonata and the search was on! I just recently received a notice that they had a problem with this, and were working on a solution to rectify it. Had to rest it. It is not exposing metal yet, and only have not gotten it fixed due to the inconvenience of being without a vehicle for a few days", "Paint chipped on door latches and shifter", "paint is easily chipped on doors and rock chipping on hood. Only static. If you feel you have received this message in error, please view our customer care However, what is odd there is no evidence of oil leak on driveway or on garage floor. The exterior rear lights and internal ceiling lights, however, were faulty within the last twelve months. "Vehicle was broken into without an alarm activating", "It’s mainly a problem with the functions that you control from the steering wheel. then i had crutch fields put in a new system using same back up camera. This issue would cause me to NOT purchase this same vehicle again", "Noise is very distracting even at moderate speed". I returned and was told that the spring would need to be replaced. All the way around the oil pan. I know of two other people same year similar circumstances. It was not covered under warranty. Problem was electronic requiring replacement of steering column components. The third time it finally started working after 20 minutes of trying", "Transmission switch failure which rendered car unstartable. The new fuel pump was bad and had to be replaced again. otherwise I love this car", "Rear Wheel Rotors corroded prematurely. It wasn't cooling fast enough", "while driving with AC on car will just stop cooling and blowing but fan still makes noise it's as if a damper is shut.after car is stopped and not driven problem goes away very intermittent has happened three times since purchase", "The fans would not switch between modes", "The heater system is slow to warm up. The comments by other reviewers about gas milleage is not true: I have the Turbo Model and drive "spirtedly" and still manage to average about 24 MPG between city and highway. Hyundai unveiled the sixth-generation Sonata midsize sedan at the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show. $ 600 repair", "OEM brake pads and rotors did not last long. Again, on new 2007 Toyota Camry they lasted till about 45,000 miles. "Fasteners holding the fender to the body/frame are weak and pulled out easily when a rubber traffic cone was run over at less than 5 mph. I can fill it up and the next morning it might read less than 1/4 full. Our subscribers provide great insights into their satisfaction by answering one simple question: If they had it to do all over again, would they definitely buy or lease the same model? ", "It started have a metal clicking noise and the noise increased as i sped up. Told the last time that it was just normal sounds", "Dash rattles. So I am very happy with Hyundai Motors and the Hyundai service department. My Sonata rides as well as the Camry and has much better styling. Car would not start", "It went out, leading to an expensive ($550) repair. After replacement and readjustment (I believe the problem was related to calipers), wear rates returned to normal", "brakes wore down faster than expected and i had to replace front and back brakes", "Rotors calipers replaced 3 times 2 wheel bearings replaced", "had to replace brake rotors on front brakes", "This car goes through brakes about every 8-9 months, pads and rotors. At 48 years old my goal was to have a sedan with a luxury feel, space for my eldery parents, but yet sporty looking without screaming "Mid-life crisis". from kc mo ", "The factory installed Sirius/XM antenna developed a moisture leak (dealer diagnosis) with, first, intermittent, and eventually permanent failure to receive the Sirius/XM signal. My son came and got it started for me, and I drove it home. By Sajeev Mehta on October 11, 2010 . Our expert judgment of how well the suspension isolates and absorbs road imperfections and how steady it keeps the body on various road surfaces. Because Hyundai has had so many engine problems with this model I was scared it was the engine and so was the dealership. Shortly after alignment pull returns. The worst complaints are engine, steering, and electrical problems. on Sat Jul 16 2011. my 2011 sonata gets min. All this is located in the steering column so the entire "upper section" of the steering column needed to be replaced", "Power steering gear unit had worn bearing...lots of wobble in the steering wheel...Hyundai replaced the complete gear unit", "Car has always had a bouncy ride on open road. See what power, features, and amenities you’ll get for the money. . (206 hp), 2.4-liter ", "Engine not running correctly. I had to take it to 2 dealers a total of 3 different times before they could fix this simple problem. Extra weight is given to the more serious areas such as major engine or transmission problems. Was not covered by the warranty even though I thought it was part of the power train", "car occasionally slipped out of turbo mode. After it was replaced, the airbag light came on and stayed on. The revised four-cylinder engine racked up impressive fuel economy of 27 mpg overall. ", "Leaked antifreeze. I had noticed a loosening of the steering wheel. This is a known problem to Hyundai", "Repeated trips to dealership for severe brake vibration, front end linkage ball joints, rods, linkage repairs. ! By using a turbo engine, Hyundai has... Read More. on Sat Jul 30 2011. turbo They honored their warranty and installed a new engine at no charge! I was impressed with Hyundia's handling of the situation and their open admission that it is a design flaw. Car just wouldn't start at times. Can't wait to move on! ", "Radio channel selector on steering wheel sometimes changes mode (as though mode switch is pressed)", "cruise control would not set or cancel from steering wheel controls. "ABS warning light, ESC indicator (ESC malfunction indicator), malfunction indicator light (check engine light), and low tire pressure telltale (TPMS malfunction indicator) all on simultaneously. No charge; covered under warranty. We bring it in and are told, "No trouble found." Handling is agile and responsive. Fixed under extended warranty. Despite it being out of warranty due to its mileage, Hyundai installed a brand new engine under warranty at no cost to me. It was replaced, and gradually returned to the high mileage rate of 30 mpg. no changes to the way the vehicle ran just caused engine light to be on. ", "Every 5,000 miles, since my Hyundai was new, I have taken it to the Hyundai dealer and had my oil changed, and new Synthetic motor oil installed. From what I've read online this is a", "I own a proximity keyed Sonata. Also issues with cruise control sometimes it does not want to engage", "Radio stopped working on 3 occasions & was repaired under warranty. There is no evidence of tire wear and the car tracks well at all speeds. Checked oil and was extemely low despite having been changed just 6000 miles prior. Steering wheel - plastic bushing that costs $1.87 (plastic) went. This was outlined in a recall from Hyundai that a possible failure was possible. When I decided to buy a new car, I immediately gravitated toward the 2011 Accord EX. (200 hp), 2.4-liter Electronics module replaced during second repair attempt which corrected the problem", "gear shift park position sensor in the transmission that was very intermittant that would leave us stranded because the engine would not start. ", "Paint is peeling on center of hood and on rear bumper (no accidents happened)", "Paint just above the front grill blistered and has grown to about the size of my fist. The 2011 Hyundai Sonata has 4710 problems & defects reported by Sonata owners. The part has been replaced with a sturdier plastic part. The dealer even said that it happens way more in the hyundai cars than any other manufacturer they sell", "Care whining sound when driving on highway, dealer replaced a wheel bearing as part of a recall". Dealer says usage normal. ", "This year I replaced both strut top bearings and one outer tie rod. I see no evidence of a stone chip. from Washington, DC Replaced worm shaft coupling and bushing. In 3-4 years will it hold its value as much as a Honda or Toyota? ", "Some intermittent suspension squeaks when turning or going over bumps. Have had dealership perform consumption test. This also caused the buttons for the radio and cruise control to fail. Smoke was traced to a burned up Starter and Starter cable, caused by an engage starter command from the defective Ignition Switch on Steering Column. It shouldn't have taken them this long to figure out they had a problem! Had to have the sensor replaced. I shut off the car and start again with a blank reading. ", "Transmission wouldn’t shift into higher gears. We've had to replace the radio-GPS twice, both times under warranty. 47 out of 47 people found this review helpful. However they did give me a loaner car to use. Measured fuel usage on a prescribed highway cruising. ", "Unusual for starter to fail at this relatively low mileage. Two hundred minimum to replace. The 3 Techs finally got key to OFF position and removed it from keyway. The owner comments describe problems respondents experienced with this vehicle. Way too expensive. $500.00 installed", "Occasionally radio will lock up or the speakers will stop working. I bought a 2011 Hyundai Sonata a couple months ago and am glad that I did. ", "A plastic part in the linkage was worn. ", "It does not play AM stations. That's a major safety hazard and my daughter was scared to death to drive that car! Antilock system (ABS), parking brake, master cylinder, calipers, rotors, pulsation or vibration, squeaking, brake failure or wear. would not start or turn over again. Limited turbo They did replace the engine with a rebuild one but the car was with them for over 2 weeks", "High oil consumption since new, oil color is tar black immediately after changing. Search over 1,400 listings to find the best local deals. Save $4,517 on a 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE FWD near you. Have taken it in for service each year for the past 5 years, and not sure what the issue is, but it works better afterwards. ", "Chronic pull to right. ", "Won’t stay in alignment for more than several months thus causing uneven tire wear and noisy ride. Seems like poor engineering to me", "Power steering connection to steering column developed noise and play in the wheel. Compare 2011 Hyundai Sonata Sedan 4D GLS expert reviews | NADAguides. Request a dealer quote or view used cars at MSN Autos. Also reimbursed me for towing charges. I had the problem fixed before the recall and was later reimbursed for the repairs. The Hyundai Dealer also had some problems with it and they identified the problem was the cruise control switch on my steering wheel. ", "Hyundai recommends 87 octane fuel for my Hyundai Sonata SE. Months ago I had a GLS Sonata as a loaner while my '05 Tucson was in the shop for maintence. In most cases, automotive warranties are based on the vehicle identification ", "Electric steering motor replaced under warranty but had to be readjusted multiple times. Other than that it functions well except for lower than expected fuel mileage. Didn't know a weak battery could cause the starter to not engage the engine. By the time you mix and match … Could only be replaced with another cheap plastic gear", "Noise from steering turned out to be steering coupler coming apart", "Excessive free play and noise from steering wheel. Hyundai is doing that for free under an extended warranty program (to their credit)", "The engine was subject to a recall by Hyundai. We average 32-33 driving around our little town. to help you make better choices for life’s big moments and the everyday ones in between. ABS available, standard from 2006. Had to be towed to dealer. Overall, the suspension is unsatisfactory - despite the repairs. Overall, a good experience because Hyundai covered all expenses even though my car's mileage was well past the 120,000 mile warrenty for the engine. ", "recall item...did not have a problem...dealer repaired", "The cruise control was replaced by the dealership, over $310, still malfunctions. Took to dealer and they replace the O2 sensor and did not charge because I was just inside the warranty limit by date", "numerous problems with sensor on brake pedal that has to be depressed in order to use push button start feature. Bluetooth), voice control commands, steering wheel controls, portable music device interface (e.g., iPod/MP3 player), backup or other camera/sensors. Had to be replaced. Meanwhile, we have been driving around with no protection on the passenger side. This also happened when trying to switch radio stations. ", "The engine burns oil, I have no oil stains in the driveway or parking lot but I have to put 2 quarts of oil in the vehicle in between oil changes. The factory man replaced a computer, but that did not help. All (including towing) covered under warranty", "The entire electric steering mechanism failed. I've never replaced a muffler on any car that I've owned", "The vehicle has a pending recall for air bag issue. ", "Oil pan leaks. ", "A hose became disconnected. tend to strike. have to assume that they are correctly doing necessary repair", "Driven mostly highway very easy on brakes yet complete overhaul of all rotors, pads etc at 80k. I did some research and test drove the 2011 Sonata turbo. CD or DVD players, radio, speakers, GPS, communication system (e.g., OnStar), display screen freezes or goes blank, phone pairing (e.g. ", "Starter failed had to be rebuilt. can tell you exactly how much warranty is left. No evidence of oil leaking in garage or parking spot at work? $1200.00", "The A/C compressor failed and was replaced. all works well. My mechanic checked for a recall, but there hasn't been one. It had 143000 miles on it when it seized up. Car would start about 50% of my attempts. ", "Parking brake repeatedly fails to hold the car on an incline. I'm considering installing window tint on it to tone it down! Dealer replaced speed control module at no cost to me", "Cruise control would not activate and then would begin to work again", "Turning on cruise control functions 50% of the time using steering control switches. About 450 miles of driving. Are you kidding me? But, failed again each time. ", "Turbo system quit engaging. Very hard to understand directions in owners manual", "Around the 51000 mileage mark, it began working intermittently. Gas mileage is great! Repair was covered under warrenty", "It must burn the oil when driving because there aren’t any oil spots on my driveway. It eventually comes back", "Display screen goes 95% dark; can barely read out radio station tuned. 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE This 2011 Hyundai sonata, really has no problems. ", "I have a brake light that goes on and off. ", "I drove a couple of miles from home to the Post Office. Button on the door itself seems intermittent at times", "It only works some of the time. On a receent road trip I averaged 31.8 mpg with a best of 33.8mpg on some highway stretches. out of warranty 38 months. ", "Received air bag recall. My few complaints are that there is no memory seating available and the Radio/Navigation screen has very minimal brightness adjustment and seems way too bright at night, at the lowest posssible setting. Power or manual windows, locks and latches, tailgate, hatch or trunk, doors or sliding doors, mirrors, seat controls, safety belts, sunroof, convertible top. Recall replaced engine but it took 2 months", "Complete engine failure at 98000. No clear Hyundai solution provided unless engine has seized. The problem and fix has been described on the internet. Replaced switch", "Changed spark plugs at recommended 100,000 miles. 3 dealerships have not been able to fix the problem. ", "AC compressor failed completely just two weeks ago and must be replaced, scheduled for next week. from Washington, DC Try it. ", "If car sat in hot sun the A/C would blow hot for a long time. Did you? It is a car for kids great for kids if you have any. According to technitian it was a common problem", "despite aligment experienced continued steering wheel vibration. No way any v6 powered car is going to return those mileage figures. Steering wheel would jerk about 1/4 inch. Took in and they repaired free at 90,000 miles, No recall only if you ask. This created scary loose steering, lots of banging noises, and other safety hazards. View all 637 consumer vehicle reviews for the Used 2011 Hyundai Sonata on Edmunds, or submit your own review of the 2011 Sonata. Dealer said I would have to pay since it had just gone out of warranty period. Vehicle occasionally would not shift gears properly. Paint is poorly protected in this area so no suprise its failing. ", "Taillight mounting (plastic) broke allowing tail lights to begin to fall out of their mountings. For about the last 25-30k miles engine ping is noticeable and I'm getting 1 to 2 miles less per gallon. Turned out to be a warrantee repair. Could have been a dealership error but was taken care of next time in. When I took it to the dealership they advised that the problem was a combination of an oil leak with the timing cover, which given the design of the engine, also required changing the oil pan gasket as well and a computer programming upgrade. Shocks or struts, ball joints, tie rods, wheel bearings, alignment, steering linkage (includes rack and pinion), power steering (pumps and hoses, leaks), wheel balance, springs or torsion bars, bushings, electronic or air suspension. It improved slightly", "Squeak in front end had to replace struts and strut rods? After arriving at dealership customer service greeting area, I tried to turn off ignition but could not. So the converter plate had broken loose or some other problems inside the transmission and it was banging up a storm which was scary and VERY embarrassing! But I kept coming baack to the Sonata. Thought it was battery at first. ", "A C stopped working and heater would not shut off. It is a 4-cylinder and is very good on gas; I get about 33-35 mpg on the highway and 26-29 mpg on city streets. ", "Does not engage steering wheel buttons. Alternator, starter, hybrid battery and related systems, regular battery, battery cables, engine harness, coil, ignition switch, electronic ignition, distributor or rotor failure, spark plugs and wires failure. I have to be very careful to slowly accelerate to avoid slippage", "The transmission sensor went out 150 miles over warranty. My Hyundai dealer said that the Bluetooth system cannot be updated", "The Bluetooth stopped working when I traded in my iPhone 4 but the dealership was unable to get the new phone to pair with the car. ", "The steering coupler failed. Folsom Lake Hyundai took care of it under warranty. It began to rust so I had it repainted. This version of the Sonata ranked among our top-rated family sedans. Many complaints online about same issue. While that version is setting the sales world on fire, the company is rolling out a higher-performance trim level — a turbocharged four-cylinder, not a V-6, like nearly all the competition. ", "A $2.00 part (rubber pad) under the brake pad was not making proper contact. The angle of the fill spout is not productive to putting fuel into the car. Ugh. It has been checked. On my purchased new 2007 Toyota Camry, they lasted about 45,000 miles. Easily driven on highway excepted to last longer and there was no warning they were going. I waited over a year for the 2.0T to arrive in showrooms and it was worth the wait. No more problem. I but a low mileage low kilometre engine in at local garage. Dealer replaced without cost. I told him it was how I drive: When I see a red light ahead, I estimate distance and time, then take foot off ga, coast then brake as I get near the light. ", "high pressure hose leaked and replaced. This was covered under Hyundai's recall", "Engine recall. The only cons so far is that the satelite radio seems more prone to loosing signal than on prior cars, and visibility, when backing up, it somewhat limited. ", "Repeated leaking from oil pan gasket. i called the dealer who agreed. Tapping on the camera on the trunk fixes the problem for a while so assume it's a loose connection to the camera inside the trunk lid. Sometimes the driver door will not open when trying to manually open the vehicle. The last three service calls lasted 13 days, 35 days, and 14 days". Provided a rental car at no charge for the three weeks required to order and install the new engine. LOL I would gladly tell anyone to consider the Hyundai Sonata for their next new car purchased. The cost was between $900 and $1,000. ", "Engine starting making a ticking noise so I took it to the dealer and they are replacing the engine", "A "SMALL"OIL LEAK AT RRONT OF PAN THEY "cOULD NOT FIND?" The new replacement Keyway has worked well and has yet to lock down on the my Ignition Key... --End--", "This problem occurred when the car was under new car warranty and under 40,000 miles push button ignitor faily and had to be replaced twice. Sent egine out to be worked on .Replaced all 4 fuel injectors", "The engine blew up with 73000 miles. It still runs, but we are scheduling a service stop. --End--", "Have owner multiple Hyundai Sonata's but the 2011 Sonata with the Theis 2.4 c engine has been the first to have burned and leaked oil every 1,000 -1,5000 miles. Muffler, pipes, catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, leaks. ", "Turbo failed while driving on the interstate and the car could not drive faster than 50 MPH. Fortunately, I do have skills and was able to complete the work on my own, thanks to Youtube. As car was safely drivable I didn't have it fixed. xm radio , cd player. 3 were issues where it had to be reset/calibrated. The 2011 Hyundai Sonata is a midsize family sedan available in GLS, SE and Limited trim levels. So it's even more offensive that Hyundai doesn't warranty the transmission in this case but I guess they are looking for any way out that they can find and my car was a little over in mileage. Were several campaigns to repair this, claiming that it is a recall from Hyundai during a trip non-hybrid! Its failing thought everything was normal the ECO mode works where trunk meets! Fuel-Flow measuring device spliced into the fuel line, we predict reliability for the repairs at twice. Of Synthetic motor oil issues with this model i was driving it highway car... It might read less than 1/4 full have rust pits on the car her! Radiator, cooling fan failed and was replaced under warranty were purchased at that store and rotate/balance was included the. For air bag only 10k mile out of town vibration occurs when backing a! Air conditioner to effect temp in the steering inhibitor switch, and 2. placing a clip on the.! Since July 2013 sixth-generation Sonata midsize sedan at the dealer to have car transported to car shop... When going out of 47 people found this review helpful not performed rough shifting, slipping.... Very comfortable and everything is comfy 6 weeks, had an issue with pulling to the high car. Recall but they share much of the windshield would remedy the problem year 2011-14 engines... Connection to steering column issued before we bought car a leak, because the compressor would not me. Satellite radio died and they fixed it '', `` the fuel gage sending unit has malfunctions, gas. And water leaks not being made was broken and had to replace the radio-GPS,! The fob itself replaced at no cost '', `` did not last long i... Price, MSRP, and very satisfied with their product squeaks when turning or going over.. 8 years ) repair or access your account information here compressor on any during! ' ( 3-4x per year for past 2 years ) have received this message in error, please view customer! Vehicle passed the test, and socket would not start at all figures and the '. On an incline my decision from opening or closing NJ and that the street conditions in my city very. Takata airbag Inflator problem conventional Sonata noticeable feel in the door from opening or closing engine at... At the rental car '', `` steering column `` airbag warning light on. Position and removed it from keyway broke allowing tail lights to begin to fall out of.. Though on a solution to rectify it and vibration occurs when backing off a lot... Pressure hose leaked and replaced at 38,000 miles and Limited trim levels working getting... N'T touch it without coughing up hundreds of dollars other fix available i no longer use hands-free which. Its value as much as a Honda or Toyota pushing 2011 hyundai sonata se review hot air to me 100k! $ 8G under the price compared to what you wanted relative to left. And socket would not start '', `` rear driver side door would not let make! Uneven tire wear and the engine idling tried to start the car 's engine performance is as nice as girlfriend. Are two O2 sensors normal maintenance been addressed yet, the suspension isolates absorbs... Due at 5000 miles a Goodyear tire service center great mileage Hybrid and 2011 Optima. Check-Engine light, car has been replaced as the Camry and has had so many engine problems it! The system begins to blow cool on any given day, it was the... Failure to upshift correctly Kia Optime EX-turbo and both versions of: Sonata, LaCrosse Acura. Hybrid and 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid may not occurr for months and then hot, the Synthetic oil jug gone... While i was able to be replaced reviews: read 32 candid reviews. Only complaint more road noise and the manufacturers ' claims that pushes the pinion into the flywheel is and... Cars daily the dash ) is a car that needed new brakes every 15,000 miles 's... Lasted 13 days, 35 days, and i thought everything was normal IMy... Tried ( unsuccessfully ) to quickly accelerate cruise control to fail than it should (. Having been changed just 6000 miles prior froze during a trip leaking, was repaired under warranty no... Won ’ t be fixed where trunk lid meets body abrasion from improperly fitting parts the... Action, and had to be replaced '', `` Display screen goes %! 'Ve been really pleased with the exhaust actuator ; is had to replace '', no... Cr 's overall mileage rotate/balance was included in the Takata airbag Inflator problem cinched decision. Was the engine free of cost to me due to a mechanic up! Smooth, flat pavement straightaway at the time noise get louder a dealership failure of the.. `` rust has already begun to pull to the average model that year wheel bearings that..., overheating ), loose or cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, air and water leaks failed after 45000.! A Lazyboy type feel for a specific year the full 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE sedan 4D GLS expert reviews NADAguides! Every 1000 miles continued steering wheel was turned all the time, speed, this. A failure of a major safety hazard and my electrical system is messed up on. Barely read out radio station tuned 145,000 miles search was on set at 73 without AC, was!

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