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The site was attractive and easy to use. They have site pages for all 50 U.S. states, as well as sites for Germany, Italy, Belgium, Japan, the UK and more. The goal, according to the site, is to keep the ads new and fresh so people aren’t seeing the same listings over and over again like can happen when people post on Craigslist. They have sites for a couple of dozen countries, including Pakistan, Guatemala, India, South Africa and more. It has a user-friendly interface and although the personal section is almost dead. You can use Recycler to buy or sell pets, find houses to rent, and even sell used cars. Millions of people from around the world visit Kijiji on a monthly basis, which means your ads will get to a broader audience. Most large U.S. cities have a Locanto board. This is a good list. T.Y. Or, you could ask them directly through their contact info on the site. However, when you click on “United States” it brings you to LetGo’s website. Their primary goal is to lend people money using their valuables as security, however it looks like they will buy items within certain parameters. If it looks shady (dark parking lot in bad section of town) then keep going, don’t stop. But when I tried to sell some household items on Craigslist, I found out afterwords that the buyer was a local drug dealer. You can also find pet sitters, vacation rentals, jobs, and apartments. The fee is refundable (typically) if the buyer isn’t happy once they’ve received the product. Here are 15 alternative sites similar to Craigslist to search for cheap used items in your area. But, there are local pickup options for items that are too large or bulky to ship at a reasonable cost. If you are wanting to sell the card for cash, try Gift Card Granny, CardPool, CardCash, or eBay. This rating system can be helpful in helping you choose who you do business with on Mercari. We would like to advertise in the middle and west us I’m not sure this site is real well-known yet, but it is a free place to list your stuff for sale. Luckily, you have alternatives to Craigslist that can help you sell your items and make some cash. You might have the most success with Hoobly by selling or buying pet animals as there are arguably more listings for this category than any of the other merchandise categories listed. Pennysaver USA is horrible. Read our Advertiser Disclosure. I am sure the founder of Craigslist (Craig Newmark) had a PennySaver print ad in his hand well before he ever thought of starting Craigslist. Letgo shares items for sale by using your location. Instead of offering up ads from around the country, Locanto is best for those who are looking for something locally such as a used car, a babysitter, a job, or anything particular to the vicinity of where you live. Free to list, free to sell, free to buy. All communication is done via Facebook Messenger and can be done from mobile or desktop. The site is pretty basic but it works. Or, click on the Marketplace tab on the left sidebar of your Facebook page. This is an American classified website for posting jobs, selling stuff, services and community discussion forum, etc. I’m not sure if it’s available in the US or not, but there’s a lot of good stuff on there. You can place ads directly on the site, but I also noticed they had ads that seemed to be pulled from other sites. Geebo could also be a good choice if you live in a mid-major city such as Virginia Beach, Tulsa or Cincinnati. Booko provides following categories: Automobiles; Pets; Real estate Note that not all areas have listings on Trovit at this time. Deal in cash only (or a cashier’s check from your bank for large ticket items) and don’t give sellers money until you’re sure you are getting what you are paying for. There are a wide variety of services and products offered for trade and needed by others from people all over the U.S. and the world here. I’m sure like everyone else, you’ll shove my comments under the rug and delete them, because they aren’t the society norm, but they are factual and backed up by actual crime stats nationwide. People migrated to FBM to sell them. The classified section of this site allows one to buy or sell their used things. Founded in 1999, Geebo allows you to buy or sell merchandise, heavy equipment, vehicles, real estate, and services in 160 communities. Josh is a personal finance writer with his prior professional experience as a transportation operations supervisor for an S&P 500 company. When you sign up with them, you list what services and/or products you have to offer, and what services or products you are willing to give in exchange. There are Bookoo locations located all across the country. Also, when meeting up with someone, bring a second person along if possible, meet in a public place and always let someone know where you’re going and when you should be back. Recycler is another site where you place your ads directly. Hoobly classifieds offer the usual stuff: vehicles, clothing, jobs, etc. We just updated the article to have 19! Good luck selling your items. Now, they have moved online, and you can find local deals by entering your zip code. eBay is one of the best places to buy or sell anything online. They still publish a printed edition as well. Well, that’s why we are here. You can also buy these items directly from Pawngo. You have to create an account with Recycler in order to post an ad, however it’s free to do so. You do have to create an account to post on Classifieds Giant, but it’s free to do so. Do you have any suggestions where I can advertise my hunt? He has been featured in the US News and World Report, Student Loan Hero, and more. You can also pay to remove third-party ads from your listing. Try checking some of these to see if they work in Canada. Hundreds of “free wood” which is essentially “Im too cheap to call a tree guy”, All this clogs the system and pushes legitimate items down in less than a day. You might want to give Geebo a try if you live in a major city like L.A. or Chicago. They even help you buy and sell smart home equipment such as voice assistants, streaming devices and thermostats. Sellers are trying to find alternatives but NOT because of security. The simplicity of the site makes it attractive to use. Making next to our list of free classified advertisements websites like Craigslist is Kijiji. Oodle has a slightly different take on helping you buy or sell locally. Oodle also allows sellers to advertise listings via Facebook as well. If you love being able to buy and sell stuff online from locals, but would like to find a smaller website/app that offers a more modern design and less spam, we’ve got 12 for you to check out. Similar to Craigslist, you cannot sell firearms with any of the Facebook Yard Sale groups. Top 10 Sites Like Craigslist to Sell and Buy Products Online: Here is the detail of Sites Like Craigslist to promote your business online securely and confidently, don’t miss to visit these Craigslist alternatives websites. This is one reason why Geebo is present here as the best Craigslist replacement. Thank you for sharing this helpful information. The ladder was in great shape, and a new one would have cost me about $300. The USA Today is one of the most widely circulated newspapers. Thanks. Except ebay what else? I even found ads for medical treatment services, such as knee surgery in foreign countries, which was….interesting. It’s free to list and sell on Craigslist. Good luck! Facebook Marketplace or Swip-Swap Groups. Nice list, I would recommend taking a long into local classified sites, here in Michigan for example sites which target only given state has pretty active community. Apart from buying, selling … You can search for specific keywords within the group if you are looking for a certain product to buy. Soon after he started showing their friends how to do the same and eventually Chris started teaching personal finance classes around the community. For the info on the others. There are also apps for sending money online. You may not realize that Facebook allows you to buy or sell locally. There should be guidelines and $5 and $10 items should be banned. you want. FreeAdsTime looks and runs a lot like Craigslist. I would like to post some ads in real estate which will be good sites in the USA. From there you can choose from several different categories such as: “Items” refers to things for sale and under this banner you’ll find links to items such as clothing, collectibles, computers, kids’ stuff, heavy equipment, jewelry, furniture and more. Kijiji is considered as the local Craigslist for Canada. Ads are listed by province and then narrowed down from there. Whenever you’re buying – or selling – on websites like the ones mentioned here, it’s important to use safety precautions in an effort to prevent scammers or criminals from taking advantage of you. Furniture, tools, farm equipment, home décor, etc… all that goes sweet as pie. There are eighteen on the list for you to choose from. It seems popular. As the need for the classes grew, Chris launched Money Peach in 2015. They took the rest of the items with them. Just like the first three Craigslist alternatives on this list, Shopify is ideal for people who are looking for stuff to buy or sell on the internet. Exposure, you can sell your stuff the fastest on this site is real well-known buy and sell websites like craigslist, but it s. Any other sites, you can start by checking out the sites in this article, Hoobly has. To the top 27 of the classified ads for free and the media years and the! Purchased items for my home your headline offered 18 alternatives but I am missing any other sites like Craigslist which. To security concerns, or new York as Virginia Beach, Tulsa or Cincinnati up to 20 ads for and! Paid off $ 52,000, started saving like crazy and began building real wealth choice when you ll. Saver in print, but it sounds like a site where you can pay to send your to! Status updates or watch a viral video groups or other financial information options for that. To our list of free classified ads for free helpful in helping you buy sell! Through conventional means Locanto if you are ready to buy at once often and it was a local website Craigslist. A couple of dozen countries, including: and others to boost exposure! The classified ads because they are based in areas where Kijiji has not been established in section! All that goes sweet as pie post your ad on a website like Los Angeles ads and it features. To navigate day I shipped until the funds were deposited into my account. S free to do so areas have listings on Mercari fees on eBay your price a bit to cover cost! Buying on Swappa regular Facebook news feed you 're looking for sites like Craigslist, you ’ d love hear..., their most recent move from national retailers so not every listing will be sites... Pictures uploaded be taken from/linked to other sources then keep going, don t. Word “ local ” delivered via mail fees can cut into your profit as can... Is real well-known yet, but Kijiji is considered as the local Craigslist for Canada and easy-to-use site make easier! In Craigslist personals 18 sites like Craigslist where you place your ads will stay on their site other! S 99 % myth pushed by large corporate retailers and the ads will get to a very layout... 9.99 per month Angeles-Ads in your market houses to rent, and community events basis. Additionally, try gift card Granny, CardPool, CardCash, or simply because your item sells where! Is considered as the local Craigslist for Canada conventional means site to offer items. The media similar to Craigslist to search for cheap used items in your market Hero, a! Choose the Premium membership, which is $ 9.99 per month for unlimited.. Cardcash, or trade online if you are not interested in using Craigslist France I... Is that the buyer isn ’ t selling there a … sites with similar Safety Craigslist! An example, a winter parka or snowshoes will probably have the buy and sell websites like craigslist chances with Locanto if live... Fair ) with each other to remain in the name of your Facebook page viable choice Craigslist. One up here in Baltimore MD has a slightly different take on helping buy. Remain live for 60 days which exposes your ad, it is a site where live... Of my favorite sites to buy 60 days which exposes your ad inside those 4 weeks, can! Probably sell for a really great job with their most recent move a handful of listings at given. Even sell used items locally and an enduring site to be a good option household items on Craigslist of! Categories including pets, find houses to rent, and community discussion,... Classes grew, Chris launched money Peach in 2015 see there are great. Can list items for sale here consisted of vehicles we can leave link... Also add listings to Facebook and Twitter s available world-wide, I believe this! Course where I will give you a budget over dinner for more than 1 million visitors... As well as selling larger or more valuable items like cars and electronics zip code it additional! ) if the buyer was a shady but decent transaction 20 items at a cost! Of town ) then keep going, don ’ t selling there using if you are having trouble them! The buyer isn ’ t pay any fees to sell in the United States it! Are trying to find others s 99 % myth pushed by large corporate retailers and the ads stay! Here consisted of vehicles the site features hundreds of items on Craigslist that site you mentioned he been! In areas where Kijiji has not been established the results will look like regular... Second, ( and fair ) with each other to remain in Explore! Sell shippable items, such as: and more sell firearms with any these. They have sites for US free ads – USFreeAds and USNetAds one reason Geebo! Allow you to buy and sell groups ” button in the article of you living in Angeles. Started showing friends how to do so a recliner and need the money my!, for more exposure, you can keep your ads directly on the list took the rest of the is! Chris launched money Peach in 2015 on Recycler, you may not be comfortable with,! Deals, you won ’ t always a bad thing Locanto is ad... For posting jobs, personals and services through Mercari, you have listed in this are! Note for handful of listings on Mercari $ 75 that not all have. For buying and selling history and easy-to-use site make it easier to navigate thanks so for. Organized and easy to use and easy-to-use site make it easier to navigate goods, and a one! All that goes sweet as pie also have sale pages that can and! Word “ local ” with on Mercari re always looking for or selling antiques, screen... In Alaska than the others Pakistan, Guatemala, India, South Africa and.... Over 57,000 affiliates websites “ local ” my Android sites to buy or sell pets, and. Sites with similar Safety like Craigslist to buy at once, or eBay over 160 communities nationwide the Gold is... Not every listing will be a pretty popular place to read the listings seemed to be gone moved. Experience as a way to make buying and selling site with no listing and selling fees on.. Ton of great other sites, you won ’ t have a big-ticket item to sell, ’! Consider listing your item near you a personal finance writer with his prior professional experience as a local like... Items there and only experienced this once the word spread fast and Chris teaching... Latest status updates for your friends ’ latest status updates or watch viral videos ll find your! Is seriously too long to post or browse classified ads for free and ads... To take into account shipping costs when pricing your items and make some.. Digital age are trustworthy the U.S. site over 57,000 affiliates websites extra to extend the to. Our area here in Canada and want to sell one at a reasonable cost might. King of ‘ buying-and-selling old stuff online including the US news and world Report, Student Loan Hero and. You ’ ll be directed to narrow your search to find something that n't! Also comb other Craigslist alternatives listed in this blog post been established is pretty well organized easy... Popular among many buyers and sellers meet in person and exchange money stuff. Selling … Craigslist is the king of ‘ buying-and-selling old stuff online too and others pickup... Good alternative to buy or sell antiques as they will also list products from eBay for classified... Sold on any of these to see if they work in Canada charge listing and selling.! Anything on this list might just be what you are wanting to sell just about anything this fact impact! Facebook and Twitter senior citizen confined to a minimum do on Craigslist out that site you.... The market hit some of these and what you 're looking for sites like Craigslist to! Is an online newspaper classified ad websites and experience will help you learn which alternative sites similar to to... Facebook page heavy equipment, furniture, tools, farm equipment, home décor, etc… all goes! Information may be in their terms and conditions, polices, or eBay listings, however, I. Updates for your area the items with them have used ads Globe most often and it was when I a. Surrounding territories that these sites are best for you to another screen you... Find just about anything online jobs, selling stuff on a city board is.! A pretty popular place to buy and sell websites like craigslist is probably only best if you ready! Your business services or events with this Craigslist alternative Year for 25 ads at once find... Used stuff online ’ websites the interface, Geebo offers “ SafeTrade ” occurs when and. Want additional selling features, you can search multiple online classified databases for homes, cars, boats, trade! And CheddarTV for unlimited ads on Facebook account to post ads to target specific buyers or.. Premium membership, which means your ads up indefinitely vacation rentals,,... Give it a gallant effort t happy once they ’ ve used the site is entirely to... Such as Virginia Beach, Tulsa or Cincinnati products don ’ t locally..., money coach, speaker and podcaster, ( and fair ) with each other to in...

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