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America has borders with Canada to its north and borders Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico to the south. google_ad_height = 600; Brazil is also famous for its ‘favelas’ – slum settlements like this on the outskirts of cities. Password must contain at least 10 alphanumeric (letter or number) characters. “Ol’ Man River” is a famous song from Show Boat and as it happens, America knows a thing or two about old rivers. 27% of Americans don't believe the U.S. really landed astronauts on the moon. North America is Earth’s third largest continent. 15 Interesting facts about North America. The first state in the USA was Delaware (ratified in 1787); the last was Hawaii, which became the fiftieth state in 1959. Very grateful now to be a subscriber and wanted to say a huge well done to you all as I think it's a great site and resource.'. Alaska is situated in the extreme north west of America; because the islands of Hawaii are also part of the USA, the country extends into the Pacific Ocean too. Interesting Facts About the US. It usually began in 1929 and ended in the end of 1930s. In the 17th century European settlers arrived in America. It is abound with homework will be learned skills. Big cities can be found in every state and each state will often have its own unique landmarks, foods, celebrations and dialects. The Empire State Building In New York City. The United States of America is also referred to as “the States”, “the United States”, “the U.S.”, “the USA”, and “America”. Actually, this economic depression also occurred in other parts of the world. The West is home to huge cattle ranches where livestock is raised. United States of America facts... 1. There is no wider range of racial, ethnic, and cultural heritage in any other country in the world. The border that separates Mexico from the United States of America is the busiest international boundary in the world – around 350 million people cross it (legally) every year. Table of Contents. and get FREE worksheets, activities & offers from TheSchoolRun.com, Colouring sheets, crafts, printables, puzzles and worksheets, all US-themed, Watch Liberty's Kids, a cartoon series about US history, kids' website about government in the USA, Ben's Guide, learn the name and location of each state and its capital and locate it on an interactive map, play US-state games, build collages and more, interactive guide to North American plants and animals, take a trip through American history from 1492 onwards, famous American inventors, politicians, performers and activists. //-->. The USA (United States of America) is a rich and powerful country in the continent of North America. Alaska is the country’s most western and most eastern state, as islands in Alaska’s Aleutian chain extend out into the Eastern Hemisphere. American people also love pizza, Mexican and Chinese food, brought to the USA by the immigrants who make up modern American culture. The United States of America was established as a country on July 4, 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was issued. America's huge land is made up of many cities, suburbs and smaller towns. It is used as the official language in more than 31 states in US. However, the timing of this depression was varied among the countries. Music is a huge part of American culture. America has become famous for its "junk food" including burgers, fries and soda pop (known as fizzy drinks in the UK). [1] On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was issued, establishing the United States of America. American landscapes include fertile farmlands, coastal plains, prairie grasslands (the Great Plains) and lakes, mountain ranges, deserts and canyons. This becomes a vicious circle and students find it almost impossible to get out of it without side help and assistance. Before the Civil War, cotton in the southeastern states was the main crop and it was picked by slaves. They report the no-homework policy has taken the stress out of their afternoons and evenings. The change from summer to winter time (moving clockwise back one hour) is on the first Sunday in November. North America stands fourth in terms of population. It has long been known as a “melting pot” because it is the home of people from all over the world who blend together, but more recently it has also been described as a “salad” because each … Most of the world's tornadoes occur in the Midwest region of the US known as Tornado Alley. The largest country in North America is Canada, while the largest city in the continent is the Mexico city. Long hours engaged in homework can leave students unmotivated and overwhelmed. The temperature there has reached 57oC. And to make things a bit more fun, I want to challenge you. ; The groups of Native American tribes spoke different languages. The most popular team sports in the US are American football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey. 3. 7. Watch and enjoy our fun facts videos. google_ad_height = 90; Published May 9, 2014. The US consumes more petroleum than any other country in the world. WIN A £75 MUNCHKIN BUNDLE FOR YOUR LITTLE ONE! In addition, it’s been easier for their children to participate in after-school activities. Largest City: Mexico City, which is the capital city of Mexico with a populati… Too much work could (and can) cause depression.A proven fact: more homework invariably leads to students having lower self-esteem and depression as a consequence. The most populated city in the US is New York City, followed by Los Angeles and Chicago. The Benefits Of Homework: 10 Facts You Might Not Know. North America is the 3rd largest continent in the World. Add a little inspiration to your study room or classroom. It has coasts on the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and is connected to South America by land. It is believed to have been named after an Italian explorer, Amerigo Vespucci. When it comes to South America, it is the fourth largest continent in the world. On February 25, 2013, the estimated population of the US was 315,568,000. It is made up of 50 smaller states and the capital city is Washington DC. When students are given assignments to take home, they will basically acquire more knowledge and skills because of the extra work they need to do when doing them. The production of orange in Florida is the biggest one in United States. How many of these facts about New York City and the New Yorkers did you already know before reading this article? Hollywood in California is the movie centre of the world and has been since the late 1800s. Thank you so very much for all the help your site is giving myself to aid my daughter's education at home. grow, in the deserts of the south west cactuses are common and on the northwest coast there are giant redwood trees, the tallest trees in the world. Other forms of music which originated in the US but are popular around the world include gospel, country and western, rap, rock and roll, bluegrass and rhythm and blues. By All That's Interesting. Colouring sheets, crafts, printables, puzzles and worksheets, all US-themed, are available from Activity Village, Play some US-state themed games (each state has a state flower, a state bird, a state tree and a state motto to know! During his visit to Poland in 2011, Barack Obama received “The Witcher 2” as a gift from Prime Minister Donald Tusk. About 3 billion pizzas are sold every year in the USA. There is huge diversity in the plants that grow in the USA, too – in the northeastern US maple trees (source of delicious maple syrup!) I am really very impressed with the quality of these worksheets.’, 'I have been so impressed with TheSchoolRun and have really enjoyed completing your weekly worksheets with my two older children. In 1973 the Caribbean Community and Common Market was formed to promote economic union in the Caribbean. America uses a lot of food-related phrases when describing itself! The tallest mountain the US is Mt McKinley, located in the state of Alaska it reaches 20,320 ft (6,194 m) above sea level. New York. I'm finding your site an absolutely fantastic resource alongside the stuff being sent from my son's school. Most of the continent’s other large lakes are farther north, in Canada. 3. Password must contain at least one lowercase character. Some American elementary schools have banned homework. The Mississippi and Missouri Rivers combine to form the longest river system in the US and the fourth longest in the world. The Great Lakes, in east-central North America, make up the largest area of fresh water in the world. google_ad_width = 728; America has borders with Canada to its north and borders Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico to the south. Facts about American Food 4: Orange Orange is one of the biggest commodities in Florida. Hawaii is the most recent of the 50 states in the US (joining in 1959) and is the only one made up entirely of islands. According to an international study of homework, 15-year-olds in Shanghai do 13.8 hours of homework per week compared to 6.1 hours in the U.S. and 5.3 hours in Mexico and 3.4 hours in Costa Rica. google_ad_slot = "5655995158"; Image credit: NYC Russ/Shutterstock. Interesting facts to learn 6. 7. The people of America are very diverse and include Native Americans, people of European origin, Latin American origin, African Americans and Cajuns (French-Canadians). 100 acres of pizza are served in the U.S. every single day. The USA (United States of America) is a rich and powerful country in the continent of North America. The District of Columbia, where the US's capital Washington DC is located, is where the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the government are located. Until recently, scientists thought Brazil was first settled by Asians about 10,000 years ago. Characteristics Beavers (Castor canadensis_)_ are some of the largest rodents and they can grow to be about 40-inches long (102 cm) and can weigh up to 70 pounds (32 kg.). Canada is slightly bigger than the USA and about as big as China. Americans are a diverse, wacky group of people, and here are some numbers to prove it. Facts about Life in America in the 1930s tell the readers about the great depression, which took place in United States in 1930s. Native Americans, the first people to live in North America, crossed from Asia at least 10,000 years ago. Baseball, American football, basketball and ice hockey are the most popular sports to watch (and play!). On its way to the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi picks up the waters of the Missouri and the Ohio. It is made up of the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico down to Panama, as well as the Caribbean islands. During the Civil War American states fought against each other. More time on doing doesn’t necessarily bring better results. Manufacturing, farming, commerce and tourism are vital to the economy, and New York City is the world's main financial centre. History Facts, Study Sheets & Homework Help. 15. 1. Download, print & share this Edugage designed “10 Homework Benefits (Purpose & Facts)“. Learn some interesting information about the United States of America while enjoying a range of fun facts and trivia that's perfect for kids! So, the next time you see your child doing their homework, remember that they are … Approximately 48 percent of all Americans are currently either considered to be low income or are living in poverty. Share your result in the comment section! 16. The White House in Washington DC has been home to every American president except George Washington. Password must contain at least one digit. The currency is the US dollar. The most populous country is the United States (2010 census). 5 x USA facts for kids The national animal of the U.S. is the Bald Eagle The Bison is the national mammal The world’s tallest roller coaster is Kingda Ka located at Six Flags In the United States, documents can be signed with the symbol “X”, but only in the presence of a witness. Fact 2: The implementation of homework will also help students learn the value of time management. All North American countries are members of the Organization of American States (OAS), which provides social, economic, political, and technical services for its members. France facts for their family life and their homework interlovicular fun facts. 2. /* sci facts 728 */ google_ad_width = 160; In 1783, the United States became the first country to gain independence from a European power. The country is covering almost half the North American continent's land area. Homework: 10 Interesting Facts. On the contrary: those who are more disciplined and organized usually outdo procrastinators. More presidents were born in Virginia than in any other state. The USA is home to many different animal species, from polar bears in the frozen north and eagles and pumas in the mountains to alligators in the swamps of Florida in the south. 'In God We Trust' (which is printed on dollar bills) is considered the national motto of America. On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was issued, establishing the United States of America. Enter the competition to win a Munchkin bundle worth £75! The United States of America is the fourth largest country in the world, but ranks third for population size. The US is home to spectacular landscapes, from snowy mountains to arid deserts, huge forests and vast grasslands. Each head is 18 metres tall! The US is the 4th largest country in the world by land area and 3rd by population. With pending assignments, students will be able to practice … The US is a diverse country with a multicultural society. Facts About The United States. In 2016 the bison become the first national mammal of the US. Each part of the country – the northeast, south, Midwest, southeast and western regions – has its own traditions, customs and landscapes, from the frozen north of Alaska to the desert south in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. 9. 10. There are 23 countries in North America (see list of the ten biggest countries on the right) and 9dependencies with a total of more than 579 million people living on the continent. The world's longest land border is the one between the USA and Canada. 13. United States Of America Facts for Kids The USA or the United States of America is the second largest country on the North American continent - after Canada. Let us know some interesting facts about America. The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC is the most-visited museum in the USA, with 9 million visitors a year. The U.S. (United States) are a union of states. The US is the 4th largest country in the world by land area and 3rd by population. New York City's famous Statue of Liberty was originally given to America by France. In the 1960s Martin Luther King Jr was the main leader of the Civil Rights movement, demanding justice for African Americans. Alaska's coast spans 6,640 miles or 10,686km, which is more than the coastline of all the other 49 US states combined. North America’s largest river system is the Mississippi. The longest river in North America is the Mississippi-Missouri River System. Fun Facts. 5. Fact, they rarely do homework, 2017 - especially young kids' minds develop positive. Facts about American Culture 3: the language The main language spoken by the people in America is English. This, in turn, always results in lower grades and lack of motivation. If you are looking for special gifts or ideas for a little one, baby and toddler brand Munchkin have you covered! Truly, it makes her day enjoyable, structured and continuous. Although its exact age isn’t known, … Interesting Facts About America #1: Large Size. Brazilian history. Password must contain at least one uppercase character. Both of these comprise rather well-known events throughout the course of American history. The bald eagle has been the emblem of the nation since 1782 but the two animals will both be symbols of the USA. At Mount Rushmore in South Dakota the heads of four American presidents (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln) are carved into the rock. George Washington was the first President of the liberty-loving nation, and The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. 8. Some Native Americans were nomadic (did not live in one place, but travelled between seasons), some were semi-nomadic, and others were static (remained in the same place). With my second-grade students are in 2016 - the task of their. One area in which homework can negatively affect students relates to social life.

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