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Unlike a lot of other cacti, the Christmas Cactus is native to a tropical environment. They also make great cut flowers in arrangements. Growing Tips: Read More Acca sellowiana. All Rights Reserved. They don't even like to be repotted, although you will get lots of new plants, called pups, popping up around the edges of your original bromeliad. Each flower stays in bloom for about six weeks. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series. Gold and red flower dark green leaves.jpg 2,560 × 1,920; 521 KB Greece Plants, trees, fruit and veg (84465973).jpg 532 × 800; 101 KB Grünes Insekt auf Prärie-Kokardenblume Guntersblum 2011.JPG 2,736 × 3,648; 1.38 MB In winter or under full sun, the tips of the leaves turn deep red, which gives the plant another fun nickname "Red Pancake". Don't let that stop you from growing it. Botanical Name: Aglaonema spp. Flowers come in white, red, yellow, orange and pink with a spotted or variegated center. Also Read: How to Make Christmas … Christmas cactus is an old-fashioned favorite houseplant of many. You don't need roses to convey that type of intensity. In their natural element, they are epiphytic, pulling water out of the air. Shown here are southeastern Arizona plants with conspicuous red, scarlet, or dark magenta flowers. These can be large plants when grown outdoors, but you can keep them in check indoors by pinching the new stems when they reach about two inches in length. Add to Cart. Red amaryllis blooms are popular during the winter holidays, but this gift plant comes in a number of colors and forms. The maple is a fast growing plant that grows up to 5ft tall like a tree. Each flower stays in bloom for about six weeks. Most people either kill them with kindness or simply toss them after flowering. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. If you can't meet these conditions in winter, take heart, your hibiscus will just take a little rest and be ready to rev things up again in spring. The blooms share a family resemblance but contrast each other due to the hue of the pistils emerging from the center. Is your house sunlight challenged? Yarrow produce clusters of yellow, white, salmon, pink or red flowers atop long stems. When it blooms, it creates a warm atmosphere. 5 Kaffir Lily Also known as Clivia, Kaffir Lily is an indoor flower plant that bears red, orange or yellow colored, sweetly aromatic flowers. But if you can keep it warm and sunny, you will enjoy dozens of large flower clusters surrounded by glossy, green leaves. Tithonia. Red aglaonema is one of the easiest houseplants to grow! The tricky part is getting them to rebloom. Are you a little lazy about watering your houseplants? It may look like your typical cacti with a red flower, but that red bauble on top is actually another cactus that was grafted onto the lower plant. Callistemons are unusual plants, also known as bottlebrush plants, owing to the striking red flowers. If you think of cacti plants as prickly and boring, take a closer look at 'Ruby Ball' cactus. If you can keep your hibiscus warm and in bright sunshine, it will flower its little heart out. These are very capricious plants. These plants need 12 hours of darkness to bloom, and this normally occurs during the winter months in most households. If you are looking for a challenge, growing ixora as a houseplant is a rewarding one. This is also why they are good low light indoor plants. Flowers bloom throughout the summer months, covered in heavy clusters that can be red, white, pink or purple, or combinations of these colors. This beautiful plant is famous for its stunning green-red foliage! The following photos will allow you to identify red and pink flowering plants. It grows up to 10 feet high with a rounded form and greenish purple, oval leaves. Few flowers can beat tropical hibiscus for year-round flowering. No, shrimp don't grow on trees, but the overlapping bracts of Justicia brandegeeana really do give the appearance of a prawn. They will branch out and start to set flower buds, rather than growing long branches. The vigorous plant pumps out cherry-colored blooms with golden throats and unusually dark dashes. To get you started, we've compiled a list of the best red flowers here—the ones that are sure to turn heads and add some serious visual interest to your garden. The plant blooms heaviest in fall, but can flower sporadically year-round. Grow plants with red flowers and foliage. Buy one already in flower, so you are certain the blooms are red. If you want your amaryllis to bloom at Christmas time, you will have to do a bit of forcing. But if you are happy to have it bloom on its own schedule, the only offseason care it needs is to be put outdoors for the summer. This plant gets its name from the maple shaped sycamore leaves and not because it's a maple tree type plant. Add to Cart. Bell-shaped flowers typically have wide tubes and flared petal tips that give them their form. All shades of red foliage plants - native and exotic, ground covers and climbers, trees, hedges and shrubs. Anyone who has ever bought a lipstick knows that red comes in many shades. You can let it pool at the base of their cupped leaves and the plant will water itself as it needs it. Actually, the red heart-shaped flower is a modified leaf called a spathe. Best for living rooms, coffee tables, and bedrooms. Anthuriums have gorgeous waxy, red flowers … The Tiger Flower is also known as tiger iris, Mexican shellflower and peacock flower. The Guzmania Bromeliads are the perfect plant for you. Nov 29, 2020 - House Plants with leaves as beautiful as flowers. Black pistils shoot out of the anemones, and yellowish-white pistils pop out of the hellebores. Find Out What That Means, Choosing the Right Pot for Succulents (Guide), Succulents With Yellow Flowers That You Should Have, Click this link to learn more and start your Succulents Box subscription today!Â, 6 Edible Succulents to Excite Your Taste Buds, 5 Best Outdoor Succulents-Improve Your Garden Scenery Now. Whatever you call it, this flower makes a fabulous bedding plant with unique bell-shaped, red flowers. Many white-flowered plants are richly scented, which helps to attract nocturnal pollinators, like moths. The spathes can cup the true flowers or arch backward, giving them another common name of Painted Tongue. Succulent Leaves Changing Color? The red cactus is an albino and it would not be able to survive long without the aid of the lower green cactus that does all the photosynthesizing for both. 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